​What is the Pathways Mentoring Program?

The PATHWAYS Mentoring Program aims to foster closer relationships between emerging young Indonesians and Australia, and those who have existing experience in their field of expertise in the bilateral relationship.

Mentors draw on their first-hand experience to provide mentees with advice and support in their current roles, exposing the next generation of leaders to the benefits of career development. Mentors will also discover the perspectives of today's youth regarding the bilateral relationship, while also enhancing their leadership and coaching skills. The program seeks to create sustainable relationships between current and future leaders, and equip them with the necessary skills to excel in whichever career pathway they choose to pursue.

The program's matching criteria prioritises areas of expertise and cross-cultural pairing, exposing participants to new social, cultural and gender-related perspectives in addition to growing their professional competencies. The PATHWAYS Mentoring Program provides a pathway for a younger generation of leaders in the Indonesia-Australia bilateral relationship to create a brighter future for all.


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AIYA Policies

AIYA has a series of policies and procedures in place to protect AIYA Members and participants in AIYA activities. When joining as a member or participating in AIYA activities all participants are subject to adhere to the following policies:

AIYA Code of Conduct | Kode Etik Anggota AIYA

AIYA Child Protection Policy and Internal Reporting Procedures | Kebijakan Perlindungan Anak AIYA dan Prosedur-Prosedur Pelaporan Internal

AIYA Privacy Policy | Kebijakan Privasi AIYA

AIYA Prevention of Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Internal Reporting Procedures | Kebijakan Pencegahan Perundungan Diskriminasi dan Pelecehan Seksual AIYA dan Prosedur-Prosedur Pelaporan Internal

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Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding the PATHWAYS Mentoring Program, contact us at mentoring@aiya.org.au.

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation, CAUSINDY and AIYA acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of land throughout Australia.