Program Summary

PATHWAYS is a new collaborative program between CAUSINDY and the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) which matches young Australians and Indonesians (members of AIYA) with experienced professionals drawn from the CAUSINDY alumni community. The aim is to carve a pathway for the next generation to develop the skills they need to build their desired careers in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship.

​CAUSINDY and AIYA will see a number of mentors and mentees matched based on shared interests, professional backgrounds, and expertise. Our team will also provide each pair with advice and resources to help them get the most from the mentoring relationship during the course of the program.

The program consists of eight virtual meetings, which will run for eight months. The participants’ commitment is flexible and can be tailored to suit their availability and interests. The program team will be available to provide advice and support at each step. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program will be entirely online, but we will consider expanding to in-person meetings in the future.

Who is eligible?

Mentors must:

  • Be a CAUSINDY alumni (former Australian or Indonesian delegates of CAUSINDY);
  • Be able to commit to virtual meetings as agreed with their respective mentee and attend events during the course of the eight-month program;
  • Be willing to invest in the mentee’s personal growth and professional development; and
  • Have a strong passion for strengthening Australia-Indonesia relations.

Mentees must:

  • Be a ​current AIYA member​;
  • Be a current or recent or higher education student/graduate, job seeker, or youth professional in the early stage of their career;
  • Have identified specific personal or professional goals and are willing to commit to the guidance of a mentor to help them achieve their goals;
  • Be able to commit to virtual meetings as agreed with their mentor and attend events from during the course of the eight-month program; and
  • Have a strong passion for strengthening Australia-Indonesia relations.

Program Structure and Objectives

A program structure will be provided to both mentors and mentees. This will outline a new theme or topic to focus on each month to enrich the one-on-one mentoring experience. Participants are not obligated to use this structure if they do not wish or if they want to structure their own mentoring sessions. In addition to one-on-one mentoring sessions, video conference events will be organised and will feature 1-2 experts who will speak about their topic of expertise and facilitate discussion with the mentors and mentees.

The program committee will distribute these materials in the first week of every month during the program. Mentors and mentees will be given access to log in to ​the mentoring platform login page​ and access mentoring materials, communicate and network, create personal profiles, discuss relevant topics, etc.

The main goals and objectives of PATHWAYS are that both mentors and mentees will:

  1. Develop communication, planning, interpersonal and reflexive skills;
  2. Provide and learn more about sectors they have previously worked, or currently or aspire to work in;
  3. Share and improve their abilities and share lessons on both offline and online networking;
  4. Support and encourage each other in the development of leadership competencies;
  5. Use the mentoring platform to generate active discussion on recent developments;
  6. Exchange ideas on the future of the relationship between Indonesia and Australia; and
  7. Build a sustainable and long-term professional mentoring relationship.