PATHWAYS Mentoring Program Applications opened in May and closed in June 2020, with a three-week recruitment process.

Please note that applications for 2020-2021 are now closed.

The PATHWAYS Mentoring Program, in its pilot phase, will run digitally via the official PATHWAYS online mentoring portal and via video call.

The program committee expects that each mentor-mentee pairings connect virtually at least once a month. The program committee strongly advises participants to connect through virtual means of communication given the current COVID-19 environment.

If you are a CAUSINDY alumni and wish to apply as a mentor, please apply at ​this ​link​. If you are not an active member of AIYA and wish to apply as a mentee, please make sure to renew your membership through ​this ​link​. AIYA members will receive an email detailing how to apply for the program.

Recruitment for mentors will be conducted by CAUSINDY Alumni team, and recruitment for mentees will be conducted by the AIYA team.

Please note that applications for 2020-2021 are now closed.

Please refer to the ‘​Who is eligible​’ section on this website​.

Six factors help to determine the mentor-mentee matching process: sector; age; organisation; region; field/topic; and gender. The PATHWAYS Professional Mentoring Program matching criteria prioritises areas of expertise and cross-cultural pairing, which promotes participants to gain new gender and cultural perspectives, in addition to growing their professional competencies.

Additionally, the Program intends to attract participants from 50/50 gender and nationality split, but ultimately this be dependent on the nature of applications received for the Program.